Systems Architecture


Application Engineering


Climatrol specialise in the architecture, engineering and implementation of highly complex, customised system integration solutions for building management systems (BMS) for both new and existing buildings

Why improve your current BMS

To facilitate day-to-day operations and maintain optimum performance

improving and supporting maintenance and sustainability
delivering more intelligent, smart buildings
creating significant energy savings by enhancing existing energy efficient measures to minimise environmental impact
maximising operating efficiency to deliver highest productivity
reducing operating costs to lowest possible level

System integration

Based on the latest available technologies and systems available, and with our expertise and experience, we are ideally placed to assess and advise on the complete requirements of a BMS for both new and existing buildings to meet the requirements of the end users occupying that space along with the latest environmental requirements and industry standards.

Engineering and system application

We create the architecture and implement software and graphics to ensure that the systems installed within a building work to optimum efficiency i.e. faster and with lower cost and risks. For instance, by integrating AI systems which sit in the cloud into a single user interface we provide facilities management with a user experience that is easy and manageable and requires a minimal amount of technical knowledge.

We review existing legacy systems and make recommendations for improvements and upgrades of outdated systems to optimise performance, make cost savings, ensure the latest security levels are in place and that industry standards for the environment and carbon footprint are met. We can create the architecture to enable the integration of legacy systems with new technologies.

Engineering of building management systems

We deliver the best project management and engineering of your BMS to ensure your building project is delivered to time and budget.

Building performance, analysis and monitoring

Implementation of the latest technology to support an integrated solution for building management delivers better performance measurements and metrics which allow the systems to be evaluated and refinements identified to provide optimum performance and deliver cost saving objectives. It provides predictive analysis to instigate maintenance requirements reducing downtime and enables various parameters to be proactively monitored to evaluate occupancy and the costs associated with the level of occupancy.